New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin’s Play Overshadows Broadway

Just steps away from Broadway on New York City’s biggest stage this weekend NBA’s Jeremy Lin was once again the SHOW!

Captivating a sold out Madison Square Garden as well as a fixated network television audience, Jeremy Lin’s scintillating play on the basketball court is worthy of another Broadway type encore performance.

Lin directed a resurgent New York Knicks squad past the defending NBA champion Dallas Mavericks before an electric crowd of basketball loving New Yorkers while mesmerizing entertainment stars as well as sports celebrities alike in attendance.

The initial explosion of Linsanity has now yielded to a more sane, but genuine, level of respect and admiration for Lin’s improbable overnight ascendance as the NBA’s least expected, but universally popular, new star. In spite of all the hoopla surrounding the point guard’s basketball background and cultural heritage, Jeremy Lin has quickly proven that he belongs on the NBA hardwood with the ball in his hand and an adoring public at his humble feet.

In a star studded Madison Square Garden and ABC / ESPN broadcast booth, Lin’s star shone the brightest. Beloved NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson cooed generously about the overall excellence of Lin’s game.

Spike Lee, sporting a throw back Jeremy Lin #4 Harvard jersey and garish Elmer Fudd hunting hat, led innumerable cheers for the Big Apple’s newest and now biggest star.

Facebook’s Jeffrey Zuckerberg, spotted smiling behind the Knicks’ bench, witnessed firsthand why Lin’s lore has recently dominated his social network and other social media sites.

And, big screen stars like Kevin Costner and Eva Longoria rose regularly from their courtside seats to cheer Lin’s big shots as well as mastery of the screen and roll with his New York teammates. Lin scored 28 points and dished out 14 assists in another performance that dwarfed everything the nearby Broadway stages had to offer.

Don’t expect the curtain to fall anytime soon on what Jeremy Lin has accomplished in such a short period of time.

George Benson may have crooned that “the neon lights are bright on Broadway. ” However, he could never have imagined just how brightly Jeremy Lin’s light could shine just a few blocks south at Madison Square Garden as well as on every television, computer and mobile device around the globe.

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