New Sports Comic Book: Confusing Stuff in Sports

running the table

The undefeated team is running the table.

Confusion compelled me to publish a new book.

Just look at the comic that starts this chapter. How many sports fans know what “running the table means’ and, better yet, how many can actually explain the genesis of the cliche?

As author of 34 sports comic books, I know a bunch about sports.

But, at times, some sports stuff confounds me.

I’m a simple, straightforward sports fan. I like order. I rely on logic, common sense and reasonable thinking.

But, my cup of sports angst has burbled up and spilled over into a new book. That’s why I’m confronting, head on, the illogical and confusing that exist in the world of sports.

Confusing Stuff in Sports covers players and teams, odd expressions, old clichés and even sports that aren’t sports at all.

Confusing Sports StuffThis book centers on the silly, strange and sometimes odd stuff that leaves other sports fans flummoxed, too.

Here are some examples:

Why hasn’t gymnastics adopted different weight classes, like the heavyweight division, that are so popular in wrestling or boxing?

When will sports other than hockey adopt a real penalty box?

Why do some basketball players, oddly, insist on publicly congratulating their teammate after he just clanged a free throw?

Who in their right mind voted for the 2022 World Cup to be hosted by a politically unstable desert wasteland with no soccer history?

Where does ESPN get the audacity to broadcast NASCAR, pool and poker and refer to these non-sports sports as real sports?

So, you get where I’m going with this book? But wait, I’ve got more questions about what confuses me about sports. For example:

Why do we still accept some sports clichés – like running the table, take what the defense gives you and knocking at the door – when they are silly or defy common sense?

Why do some athletes think they can actually defeat Father Time?

Who in their right mind thinks the painfully protracted NFL Two Minute Warning really takes 120 seconds?

How many American NFL fans truly understand the poetic language of international football (soccer)?

Why do clueless baseball fans always stand up in the 7th inning of an MLB game to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game? Don’t they know they’ve been sitting in the same stadium for the previous six innings?

How many real sports journalists think that covering a big game requires only 140 characters texted from a smart phone?

And, why do fans continue to tolerate scoundrels in sports?

These, and other comparable questions, confuse me and keep me awake at night. If you’ve also lost sleep over similar thoughts, then write me at and let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy Confusing Stuff in Sports.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head in sports!

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