New FREE Sports Comic Book: Annoying Stuff in Sports

To celebrate the holidays, I’m now releasing my new FREE sports comic book: Annoying Stuff in Sports.

Check out the book’s following introduction and then safely download the PDF by simply clicking HERE.

Book Introduction: Sports fans not only like to boast about what they admire about an athlete, a team or a game. They also love to pontificate about the sports related stuff that irritates them.

That’s why I penned this FREE book on the top 10 things I find most annoying in sports.

As a prolific sports commentator, I consider it my personal obligation to speak up about the personalities, situations, ill-advised behavior, etc. in sports that stoke my embers of my very own distaste.

In Annoying Stuff in Sports, I’ve accumulated my own list of the obnoxious things that agitate me the most.

In this book, you’ll probably agree with some of the universally annoying stuff that figures prominently on my list.

Read About the Irritating Things in Sports

Irritating things in sports that I write about include: the NFL two minute warning, spitting in baseball, grunting in tennis, flopping in soccer, non-sport sports like NASCAR, pool and curling, and the formerly mega-rich, but now retired, broke athletes.

Some entries that squeezed into Annoying Stuff in Sports may surprise you. But, they really disturb me. That’s why each warrants a special chapter in my book.

These surprising choices that I categorize as annoying stuff include: Dick Vitale in the broadcast booth, the high cost of attending a game, whining in the NBA, adjusting the fellas in baseball, and basketball’s missed free throw celebration.

Remember, this is my book.

It chronicles my collection of the stuff I find annoying in sports.

Consider it a mini reservoir of my personal angst.

This book overflows with my vituperative views on things I find irritating in sports.

These are my opinions, and my personal picks.

If you disagree or want to share what irks you in the world of sports, then email me at

Otherwise, enjoy Annoying Stuff in Sports.

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