New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Brilliant in NFL Season Debut

MIKE sports comic - New England Patriots QB Tom BradyWith the NFL Deflate Gate controversy legally behind him, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was brilliant last night and let all the air out of his detractors’ arguments during his 2015 NFL season debut.

Brady dissected a normally stout Pittsburgh Steelers defense with pinpoint passing and expert leadership.

The recently maligned, but now surprisingly resilient Tom Brady spoke volumes with his play on the Foxboro turf by completing 25 of 32 passes for 288 yards and four touchdown passes, three to his favorite target TE Rob Gronkowski.

Poised and purposed, Brady dismantled the Steelers secondary and relished his opening night success in which he appeared to already be in post season form.

Though I admire Tom Brady’s football success and acknowledge his excellence as an athlete and product spokesman, I’ve never been a fan of #12. I’ve always been wedded to Philadelphia pro sports, so cheering on any team from New England is anathema to me.

However, last night I rooted for Brady. Yes, I actually pulled for the pretty boy in the New England Patriots’ pocket.

That’s because I admired how Tom Brady endured the Roger Goodell led kangaroo court surrounding the Pats’ alleged deflating of footballs during their 2014 decisive playoff win against the Indianapolis Colts.

Brady’s unequivocal off-the-field victory last week followed by his on-the-field excellence last night, ironically, against a now “deflated” NFL commissioner made my smile.

Judge Berman’s decision to vacate Brady’s four game suspension buoyed my confidence in our nation’s legal system, while humbling a highly overpaid man with entirely too much autonomy in Goodell….who needed to be humbled.

Like so many other football fans who watched Tom Terrific’s brilliant performance on NBC Sports, I was also surprised that it was so precise and so definitive following the Deflate Gate public pressure he endured.

The Uggs wearing QB effortlessly soared above all the negativity that surrounded him over the past 8 months.

Whether you believe Brady was culpable or not, it’s not the point of this blog post. What is the point is that every red blooded American sports fan needs to recognize that Brady is no ordinary Tom.

Yes, let me guarantee that this will be the only time I ever celebrate the New England Patriots QB.

And, that’s why I’ll end this post with, “Go Eagles!”

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