2 Cent Tuesday: College Football’s Unique Mascots

NCAA sports mascotsToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog features one of my favorite things about college football – unique college mascots.

There’s no doubt that highly heralded players, marvelous marching bands, beautiful bouncing cheerleaders and inventive in-game entertainment give expectant viewers every reason to tune into the endless array of televised games.

However, there exists more than spectacular catches, bone jarring hits and perfectly executed screen plays that contribute to the overall popularity of college football.

One of the unmistakeable benefits of being a fan of college football is both enjoying and embracing the story behind each school’s unique mascot – my focus in today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog.

Every NCAA School Boasts Its Own Unique Mascot

Every college and university not only boasts its own individual football tradition, but also is identified by its very own mascot.

That’s why I believe that mascots capture the purity of college sports. They make college football fun and help distinguish one school from another.

Nothing epitomizes college football like the likeable mascots parading the sidelines of stadiums, encouraging loyal fans to cheer, clap, stomp, yell, do the wave and, sometimes, even do the ridiculous.

Fans, both young and old, are attracted to the creativity and childlike fun of mascots and to their back stories.

From Navy’s Bill the Goat to the University of Texas’ Bevo the Long Horn Steer, and from the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Sammy the Slug to Big Al the Alabama Crimson Tide elephant, unique mascots bring smiles to the faces of sports fans of all ages no matter whom they’re supporting.

Mascots come in all shapes, sizes, colors and animal species. They even represent all kinds of weather.

Color palettes range from Ace Purple at the University of Evansville to Buzz of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and from the Orange of Syracuse to Blue the Bobcat of the University of Kentucky.

Weather-conscious fans are entertained by Gael Force the Knight of the St. Mary’s of CA, Husky of the St. Cloud State Blizzard and Sebastian the Ibis of the Miami Hurricanes.

Every form of animal species on the planet is represented by a colorful, creative mascot singing, dancing, clapping and hamming it up on the sidelines during college football games.

Fans love UGA – the University of Georgia bulldog. Klawz – the University of Northern Colorado bear. Mario – the Drexel University dragon. Big Stuff – the Winthrop University eagle. And Zippy – the University of Akron’s beloved kangaroo.

Whether they’re a Lion (Columbia), Tiger (LSU) or Bear (California); a Pirate (East Carolina), Vandal (Idaho) or Rebel (UNLV); a Demon (Wake Forest) or a Devil (Arizona State); a Chanticleer (Coastal Carolina) or a Commodore (Vanderbilt); a Blue Hen (Delaware), Blue Hose (Presbyterian) or even a Blue Devil (Duke), mascots bring out the kid in all of us.

That’s why these fun and unique mascots also make my list at #4 in my sports comic book NCAA Football Favorites.

Enjoy the read. Better yet, share with me your picks for favorite or unique mascots which make the college game so much fun to watch.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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