Friday Sports Funny: Team Left Gym with a Big “W”

MRO 13 Left with WToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the oft used sports cliche of a team leaving its opponent’s gym with a big #W.”

You didn’t need to watch this year’s NCAA national championship tournament to hear this tirelessly overused basketball cliche.

Sportscasters and fans talking about a visiting team’s win often fall victim to employing the old basketball cliche of an away team leaving its opponents gym with a big “W”.

So, it prompted me to write about it and bring the sophomoric phrase to life in the form of a comic that starts this blog post.

The comic brings new meaning to the old adage about leaving an opponent’s gym with a big “W”.

I can almost hear ESPN’s Dickie V screaming at the highest decibel level about a team’s big “W” or surprise win.

However, in this case, leaving with a big “W” carries more than one meaning, even though you’d probably never see ESPN cover this scene following an NBA or NCAA game.

These basketball players are ecstatic over their big win.

They’re also beaming as they transport a giant letter “W” from the Wildcats sign they’ve literally removed from the home team’s gym.

Yup! They’ve left with a big “W” in more ways than one.

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