NBA All-Star Guard Chris Paul Needs an Assist

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Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul desperately needs an assist.

Coach Doc Rivers must intervene on his behalf. He should consider recruiting Chris’ television twin Cliff to first help the perennial all-star curb his own tongue and then advise his “brother” to convince his Clippers teammates to stop their incessant whining.

Their hissing and hollering is hurting them.

The Wake Forest grad made headlines last night following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ dismantling of his Clippers team on TNT. Paul’s frustration with the officials showed forth with comments regarding rookie female official Lauren Holtkamp.

“I think we’ve got to show better composure, but at the same time some of ‘em was ridiculous. Like the tech I got right there was ridiculous. I don’t care what nobody say, I don’t care what she say, that’s terrible. There’s no way that can be a technical. We try to get the ball out quick every time down the court and when we did that she said ‘Uh-uh (no)’ and I said ‘Why uh-uh?’ and she gave me a tech. That’s ridiculous. If that’s the case then this might not be for her.”

Discuss all you want whether Paul’s remark was sexist or not. I don’t.

Debate whether CP3 intended to utilize the “her” pronoun to express his angst. I didn’t.

And, speculate just how much the NBA league office will fine Paul for his words. I won’t.

Instead, what I will do is focus on the story the media should be feasting on. Paul and his highly overpaid Clipper teammates can’t bridle their on-court emotion.

The team’s constant bickering to officials, not just rookie refs, affects their play on the court. Savvy and never shy TNT announcer Charles Barkley cited their irksome behavior several times last night.

But, like hungry ravens, the media descended upon Paul for his unintentional, though ill-advised comments about a female rookie ref and not for the unnecessary and unrelenting griping of one of the NBA’s better teams.

With a 33 – 17 record, the underachieving Clippers are only fifth best in the Western Conference. After watching them against the Cavs, they didn’t even look like a playoff caliber squad.

However, what they’re really good at is squawking. According to ESPN’s NBA statistics, the Clips lead the league in technical fouls. Out of 360 total players in the NBA, the Clippers rank first in the league with the most techs, and dubiously place five of their players in the top 40 and three in the top 10.

To no one’s surprise the always protesting Matt Barnes tops the league’s “T” list with 11, followed by Blake Griffin’s 9 in the fourth spot and DeAndre Jordan’s 7 in sixth. A “better behaved” Chris Paul scoots in at #29 and reserve guard Jamall Crawford at #36.

Watching the Clippers on television is annoying. They yammer about nearly every call. They protest just about every whistle and seem to jaw with the refs whenever there’s a dead ball.

Chris Paul is the biggest culprit. He may not get t’d up as often as his teammate Matt Barnes, but Paul is constantly jibber-jabbering, gesticulating and pouting.

Though he’s one of the NBA’s top talents, Paul must learn to bite his tongue and grow up. As team captain, he must improve the tempestuous body language he portrays on court. And, as head of the National Basketball Players Association, he must set a better example to not only the fans, but for the players he represents.

That’s why Chris Paul needs an assist.

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