NBA Champs Miami Heat Visit President Obama in White House

Obama 44 Basketball JerseyThis week, the Miami Heat made a return trip to the White House.

President Barack Obama honored the back-to-back NBA champions and spent time joking with the team.

However, after a quick investigation into our basketball loving President’s jump shot, it was evident that the joke was on him.

The media may have a love affair with our country’s 44th President on political issues. But, there was no love lost when critiquing POTUS’  alligator-arm push shot that Mr. Obama considers a sweet stroking J.

Our Commander-in-Chief’s lefty jump shot has a wrong ragged rotation. Sports minded conservatives like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly would go so far as to call the shot an “O-b-a-m-a-nation!

Our constantly bickering Congress and Senate could hardly argue the fact that 44’s shot looks like a wounded duck wobbling helplessly to the rim and begging to find the bottom of the net!

Even seven time NBA all-star Chris Bosh, another lefty, reluctantly commented on President Obama’s woeful stroke. He painfully watched video footage of the world’s most powerful leader’s fizzling 2 for 22 shooting performance at last year’s Easter egg hunt.

Bosh diplomatically offered, “Sometimes you just miss.” Well, in 44’s case, he misses far more than he makes.

With all the talk about national health care, maybe a Shot Doctor somewhere should share his medical skills and correct the frightful fling of the leader of the free world. That’s provided the President can actually log onto and sign up for a pre-approved Shot Doctor’s much needed shooting instruction.

Video images of the good-natured President playing basketball begs us to compel Mr. Obama to bring back his 2008 campaign slogan – Change is Needed.

Democrats and Republicans can universally agree on one thing today: Change is absolutely needed – on our President’s jump shot!

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