MLB’s Manny (Ramirez) Being Manny (Ramirez)…But Now with Oakland A’s

New Oakland A's Manny Ramirez - Source Wikimedia Author Keith Allison

Me, myself and I have always been the only three people on the planet that newly signed Oakland A’s Manny Ramirez has ever cared about.

And, baseball fans, not only in Oakland, but also around the country, should be dreading what this dastardly designated hitter will do next in his unexpected return to Major League Baseball.
Yesterday, the oft-maligned, mercurial Manny made many murmur when the Dominican born slugger inked a $500,000 per year minor league contract with the Oakland A’s, his sixth and hopefully last major league team.

The recalcitrant Ramirez’s return to MLB was met with the same mix of cynicism and guarded optimism reserved for what a Terrell Owens NFL signing or an Allen Iverson NBA signing would yield. 

The controversy, unprofessionalism and intrigue that have followed the petulant Ramirez during stints with the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox and most recently with the Tampa Bay Rays are certain to surface again in Oakland with the A’s.

How Ramirez’s LA Dodgers Manny-wood antics with all their distractions will return is not necessarily guaranteed, but is widely expected by everyone who has ever watched this terrifically talented hitter tear the cover off a 90 mile-per-hour fastball.

Manny will be Manny with no regard for what he leaves on the base paths behind him.

Expect this malcontent, once again, to march off the field, knock over a water cooler, shove a locker room attendant, ignore the press and then kick the cat when he gets home.

Because that’s Manny being Manny without any concern for anyone or anything except himself. There’s no you or we or us in Ramirez’s company of friends, but merely me, myself and I,  which beckons me to ask…

Why don’t paying fans use their collective clout and send a signal to MLB management that Ramirez’s boorish behavior has grown tiresome?
Why should we once again tolerate the nonsense from this 12 time All Star?

Why haven’t his previous teammates collectively kicked Ramirez in the keister?

Why haven’t A’s faithful slowed down Northern California servers with tweets, blog posts and nasty emails decrying the signing of this dreadlocked lout?

Why did A’s management soften its style and succumb to the silly theory that the soon to be 40 year-old Manny will actually help a team that finished 3rd in last year’s AL West with a 74-88 record?
How unconscionable for Major League Baseball to allow Ramirez back on the field again after violating the league’s drug policy for a second time.

Without doubt, the Ramirez signing will dominate sports news today. And, speculation will continue and questions will linger about how Ramirez will acclimate in Oakland before his anticipated return versus the Kansas City Royals on June 2.

However, when you only think in terms of me, myself and I, and your whopping $205 Million in career earnings has been safely secured in the bank, it’s easy to understand why….. Manny will be Manny again…just this time with the A’s.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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