#TBT Sports Blog: Racing Weenies at Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park

Racing Weenies at Miller Park in MilwaukeeThe Milwaukee Brewers’ return to the MLB Playoffs has prompted me to dust off a popular #TBT sports blog from a few years ago.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park’s Racing Weenies in-game entertainment inspired its genesis.

Let’s take a #TBT look back at Miller Park’s beloved packaged meat entertainers.

MLB In-game Entertainment

…..All sports fans can agree that MLB in-game entertainers can be especially creative in how they support their home team.

These entertainers range from perky cheerleaders to talented jugglers. They include dancers, twirlers and tuba players.

From Frisbee catching dogs on a baseball field to dunking gorillas on a basketball court, in-game entertainment absolutely enriches the sports fans’ experience at the park, stadium or arena.

Sports fans can also provide big time entertainment even when they’re not the main event. They include fans with streaming shakers, those who design and display giant cardboard signs and shirtless guys with painted faces sitting in bleachers during frigid weather.

In-game promotions involving team mascots are always fun, and they bring out the best in local sentiment.

For example, if you haven’t been to Nationals Park in Washington, DC, you’ve never witnessed the patriotic thrills of cheering on Tom (Jefferson), Abe (Lincoln), Teddy (Roosevelt) and George (Washington) in the famed Presidential Races.

The Sausage Race: Favorite MLB In-game Entertainment

Perhaps, my all-time favorite in-game promotion involving local mascots is the Sausage Race held at Miller Park in Milwaukee. They represent my all-time favorite non-athletes in sports.

This creative and fun 7th inning race involves a German Bratwurst, a Polish Kielbasa, an Italian Sausage and the All American Hot Dog.

What an event, and at a Major League Baseball game no less!

What fans can resist rooting on their favorite racing weenies? This one-of-a-kind foot race gets 45,000 frenetic fans cheering wildly for their favorite packaged meat mascot racing around the baseball field.

Kudos to Miller Park in Milwaukee

Kudos to Miller Park and what a way to think outside the bun!

It might sound cliche, but the Sausage Race at Milwaukee’s Miller Park is a real weener!

That’s why these packaged meat sausages, my favorite non-athletes of all-time, also rank as my #9 pick in my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports!

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