Remembering Hank Aaron: 21 MLB All-Star Game Appearances

MIKE Comic 58 HammerAs sports fans look forward to tonight’s MLB All-Star Game, let’s remember one of baseball’s greatest players ever who appeared in 21 mid-summer contests.

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…..With this Hammer in your toolbox, or in your starting Major League Baseball line-up, success was guaranteed.

When away from the baseball diamond, Henry Aaron carried himself quietly. But, during games, this Hall of Famer nicknamed Hammerin’ Hank hauled an intimidating hammer of a bat whenever he entered the batter’s box.

Voted fifth best baseball player ever by The Sporting News, Aaron retired in 1976 as one of baseball’s greatest hitters of all time. The Hammer ended his career with 3,771 hits and a lifetime batting average of .308.

In addition, this 1957 National League MVP and World Series Champ won two National League batting titles and three National League Gold Gloves. He also made 21 MLB all-star appearances.

The Hammer unmercifully pounded pitchers during his 23 seasons. Aaron still holds Major League Baseball records for total bases (6,856), RBIs (2,297), extra base hits (1,477) and consecutive seasons (17) with 150 hits or more. Many fans regard Aaron as baseball’s true Home Run King for the 755 homers he hit long before anyone knew about performance enhancing drugs.

One of the most amazing athletes of the past century, Hank Aaron will not only be remembered for his brilliant play during his 23-year career. More importantly, The Hammer will be credited with helping to hammer racism out of America’s favorite pastime.

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