Friday Sports Funny: Playing in a Hostile Environment

MRO 21 Hostile EnvironmentToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the old sports adage of playing in a hostile environment.

Bottle rockets, barbwire, attacking tank, helicopter warship and swashbuckling pirates paint a foreboding picture in this comic for the visiting, and retreating, Cowboys football team.

Filled with trepidation, the scared Cowboys are running away from their bitter rival Pirates. For the scattering Cowboys, this stadium clearly presents a hostile environment.

Metaphoric hostile environments, like the one in this comic, are found in every sport and at many NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and FIFA games.

Perhaps one of the most famed hostile environments in all of sports is Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium. This is where rabid NCAA fans give the Blue Devils a distinct home court advantage.

However, Duke’s Cameron Crazies are not near as crazy or as hostile as British soccer hooligans. Even during simple soccer matches, they toss bottles and batteries, while screaming bigoted obscenities.

Our Sports Vocabulary Invokes War Like References

Our sports vocabulary may, at times, incorporate warlike language with scary clichés and exaggerations as pictured in this comic. But, as sports fans, let’s never compare the figurative hostile environment of a sports stadium or arena with the literal horror of a hostile environment in an actual war zone.

In real life hostile environments like war zones, adversaries seek to maim or kill each other in battles, not in football, basketball, soccer or hockey games, with real bullets, and not balls. Now that’s scary!

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