#TBT Sports Blog: FIFA’s Scarface Franck Ribery

MIKE Comic 55 ScarfaceToday’s #TBT sports blog looks back at Scarface Franck Ribery – one of FIFA’s most recognizable stars of the past decade for his play on the pitch as well as the instantly noticeable scars on his face.

FIFA’s Franck Ribery earned his nickname Scarface from facial scars he suffered in a car accident as a child.

Franck Ribery’s frightening speed, chilling patience and punishing style scare his opposition on the soccer pitch.

Plus, the scars on his face have made many compare Ribery to actor Al Pacino’s horrifying character Tony Montana from the movie Scarface.

This menacing looking Frenchman may resemble a backyard brawler. But, his game is beautiful on the soccer field where he’s scary good.

Legendary French midfielder Zinedine Zidane once called Ribery, “the jewel of French football.”

One of FIFA’s top overall players, Ribery signed with Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich in 2008. While with the German club, Ribery’s outstanding play has been key in Bayern Munich’s continued success.

Scarface’s Bayern Munich career has been slowed by nagging ankle and knee injuries. In spite of these problems, Ribery has appeared in 129 games. He’s found the back of the net 43 times and earned the German Footballer of the Year Award in 2008.

Many football fans focus on the scars lining Franck Ribery’s face. But, soccer Scarface’s energy, incredible pace and overall beautiful skill on the pitch have made him a sort of movie star like Al Pacino’s character. Not on the big screen, but in FIFA international football.

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