Friday Sports Funny: XOXO is a Football Play!

MRO 82 XOXO is a playToday’s Friday Sports Funny sheds new meaning about the term XOXO.

Any reasonably intelligent individual can determine that the XOXOs pictured above refer to a football play.

However, the red faced football player in the comic appears confused. He doesn’t realize that all the XOXO references on the chalkboard combine to form a totally different meaning than the abbreviated definition for hugs and kisses.

XOXO is a Football Play!

NFL and NCAA offensive coordinators routinely design intricate plays with lots of X’s and O’s to catch their opponents off guard.

When viewed on the chalkboard, sophisticated plays might look more like advanced math equations than routine football plays.

With offensive audibles at the line of scrimmage, zone reads and blitz schemes cover two coverages on defense, it’s understandable how some players can get confused about what coaches write on the chalkboard.

That’s because not all of today’s NCAA and NFL players aced the Wonderlic test or scored perfectly on their SAT’s.

Check out my podcast on the Wonderlic to give you a better feel for the obligatory test administered to prospects before each annual NFL Draft.

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More than likely, many players with more brawn than brain may struggle in understanding the complexity of expertly diagrammed football plays.

But, the exaggerated Friday Sports Funny – XOXO is a Football Play – can give every football fan a hearty laugh.

Any gridiron player should know football is a game of X’s and O’s and that hugs and kisses are the last thing to expect on the playing field – especially if JJ Watt or Richard Sherman are lined up opposite the quarterback.

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