Friday Sports Funny: Kicker Tacking on Extra Point

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The old football cliche “the kicker is tacking on the extra point” makes up today’s Friday Sports Funny.

Even in an era of high def Jumbotrons in 80,000 seat NFL and NCAA college football stadiums, the kicker tacking on the extra point remains a relevant sports expression.

Not long ago, guys like the one in this comic actually tacked on the extra point after touchdowns.

The simple, manual job involved just a tool belt and hammer.

Today’s sophisticated operators have traded brawn and physical labor for tech sense and fancy computer degrees as they currently keep score in stadiums and arenas.

NCAA Kickers Still Maintain High Percentages

NCAA kickers still maintain high percentages of easy chip shot extra point attempts. However, the near perfect percentages of NFL kickers in years past has stumbled a bit due to the league moving the attempt back to the 35 yard line to add a little more excitement and intrigue to the pro game.

So, whether we witness a relic of a high school scoreboard or a high tech Jumbotron, football fans still love reciting this timeless cliché after a touchdown that the kicker is tacking on the extra point.

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