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Luster begins to tarnish on their once glittering stars soon after they officially hang up their Nikes.

Personal confidence and prized possessions, two things that buoyed them during their storied athletic careers, start to decline and scatter behind them in their wake.

Flamboyant big boy toys get repossessed from these formerly famed athletes. Instead of groupies and the paparazzi, creditors begin to clamor for their attention.

For far too many athletes, the fame and fortune of unbridled youth yields to financial bankruptcy after retirement. An ESPN 30 for 30 Film brilliantly chronicles this topic.

The staggering list of broke, retired athletes continues to grow. It unwittingly captures a spot in what’s Worst About Sports.

This unenviable roster amazes star-gazed sports fans. They’re surprised to learn how countless celebrated sports idols succumb to fleecing by money managers and shark-like agents. However, most of their downfall stems from lack of personal responsibility.

The overweening egos, reckless spending and undisciplined lifestyles of once mega-rich athletes carelessly continue even after their playing days are over. This heady cocktail is a frequent prescription for disaster.

Behaving and spending like their fortune and fame will never end emasculates dozens of former all-stars, all-pros and even Hall of Famers. Shockingly, it renders some of them penniless.

The list of broke, former jocks does not discriminate by sport, sex, race, height, weight, position, team or country of origin.

It readily embraces the spiraling down egotists who fail to control their spending, pride, discipline and zippers.

Former NFL stars like Johnny Unitas and Warren Sapp, former NBA stars Allen Iverson and Scottie Pippen, retired boxing champs Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, former MLB stars Lenny Dykstra and Curt Shilling and iconic female athletes Sheryl Swoopes and Dorothy Hamill all share a spot on this ignominious list.

The list of broke, retired athletes is far too long.

Today’s top professional sports leagues, especially the NFL, MLB, NBA , should enact stricter measures. They need to prevent tomorrow’s athletes from following in the footsteps of yesterday’s squandering stars who make up this chapter in Worst About Sports.

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