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What fans are saying about MIKE….

“…a home run… MIKE is fun… Kids will gravitate to the sports and  humor…  without ever realizing the educational value.”

   ~ Mike Mayock – NBC & NFL Network Sportscaster 


“…I’m proud to be featured at #2 in MIKE’s Favorite Female Athletes book. I recommend MIKE’s books to everyone.”

~ Olga Korbut – 4x Olympic Gold & 2X Silver Medalist


“…funny and entertaining . . . . sure to be a big hit with kids who love sports.”

   ~ Dave Goren – Exec Director, Sportscasters & Sportswriters Hall of Fame


“. . .  .great lessons every child should learn to live a full, passionate, and purpose driven life.”

   ~ Lewis Howes – Founder of SportsNetworker.com


“Awesome books sure to help lots of kids on the right path to sports health and fitness.”

    ~ Tony Little – TV Fitness Personality


“. . . .a funny character who teaches kids how to win in life. . .  moms will love sharing this!”

   ~ Lesley Batson – Chief Chick at Fanatchicks.com


“…No matter what MIKE is reporting on, I’m listening. I’d advise all future champions to do the same.”

   ~ Peter Robert Casey – FiveStarBasketball.com 


“… great inspiration for youth . . . . helps kids realize they can achieve success both on and off the field of play.”

   ~ Joseph Smiegocki – Vice President, Babe Ruth League


  “. . . great motivator. . . . if your kids love sports and need some encouragement, MIKE just may have the answer.”

   ~ Lou Imbriano – CEO of TrinityOne Marketing & Former CMO of the New England Patriots


“…hilariously funny illustrations!

  ~ Murv Seymour – Comedian




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