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MIKE on sports podcastMy new MIKE on Sports! podcast is now available on iTunes.

The MIKE on Sports! podcast is for every American sports fan who loves to laugh or learn something new about sports.

Check out the podcast for clever quips and fun loving factoids that ESPN and other sports networks fail to report.

I share great sports stuff that never really seems to grab the headlines on ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated.

My monologues side step last night’s scores, today’s standings and tomorrow’s big games.

Unlike Mike & Mike, Dan Patrick, Mike Francesa and Bill Simmons, I pontificate in two to three minute sound bites about nutty sayings, timeless observations and often overlooked peculiarities from our American sports culture.

Here’s where I scrutinize things like teams, nicknames, mascots, sports expressions, single named icons, famous sports landmarks as well as the sports world’s greatest sights, sounds and smells.

Plus, as an equal opportunity offender, I NEVER miss the chance to lampoon players, coaches and sportscasters when their words or deeds just beg to be skewered.

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iTunes - MIKE on sports podcastMy monologues certainly aren’t rocket science.

They’re just a fun way for me to voice my quirky, and at times, unconventional observations of things pertaining to sports.

You’ll love listen to my MIKE on Sports! podcast for good fun and better reporting on the best stories that you always knew existed, but had to wait for someone like me to deliver them to you.

Straight talk. No static.

This is MIKE (on sports!)

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