MIKE Sports Comic Book: Surprising Sports Favorites

MIKE Surprising Sports Favorites

Volume 9 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series focuses on my all-time Surprising Sports Favorites.

And, they should surprise you, too!

My diverse choices are called surprising because they’re not all the typically expected picks for a sports fan’s “favorites” list.

Some aren’t real athletes and others aren’t athletes at all.

My selections may not all be Hall of Fame players; however, they all earned a spot in this book for their positive impact on a sport or their lasting legacy with sports fans.

Ironically, even though not all are athletes – at least real athletes – for that matter, sports fans can immediately identify them.

Check Out These Surprising Sports Favorites

A famous marathoners’ hill easily makes the list and as does the holiest, most intimidating place in golf.

Boston Marathon landmark

One of my choices is a conniver who doesn’t hustle on a playing field, but in a pool hall, instead. However, ESPN considers this chubby guy’s “non-sport” a real sport.

Rudolf Wanderone Minnesota Fats

Another is a pleasantly plump opera singer whose name is known by no one, yet her presence is absolutely required for a long game to end.

My sports favorites list also includes a once embarrassingly bad football team that eventually turned its ineptitude into a Super Bowl title.

Struggling 1980 New Orleans Saints

I share about an unusual 1906 World Series winner even if though they couldn’t hit worth a lick – during the regular season, that is.

And, for chocoholics out there, I chronicle a ridiculously athletic basketball player who surprised everyone with his off-court entertainment ability and not his expected on-court basketball skill.

Chocolate Thunder Darryl Dawkins

Other picks include an athlete of movie picture fame and a celebrity both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

Topping my list is an urban legend and perhaps the greatest high flyer never to have played in the NBA.

Herman The Helicopter Knowings

In this book, each of my selections includes a special sports comic which captures the nickname of the player, team or location of my Surprising Sports Favorite.

In addition to the comics, I include a little sports history in each chapter about my selection and explain why it belongs on my list even though a few of my picks may surprise you, too!

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MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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