MIKE Releases 35th Comic Book: Favorite Sportscasters

MIKE Small Circular BadgeNow available for download on Amazon is the recently released 35th MIKE sports comic book.

Favorite Sportscasters comprises my all-time personal picks for the ten best talking heads in sports.

My choices may be heard more often than they are actually seen, and their accents, broadcasting styles and deliveries may differ.

However, every sports fan’s viewing experience is enriched because of the classic commentary that originates from the broadcast booth by those featured in this book.

Action is easier to follow, statistics are better understood, complex plays are made less complicated and simple comments become more colorful when accomplished sportscasters like these call a game.

When my favorite sportscasters have the mic, pre-game predictions aren’t made, they’re decreed.

Insights aren’t told, they’re trumpeted.

Observations aren’t offered, they’re dissected and deftly delivered.

Moreover, inexplicable officiating isn’t further mystifying, but effortlessly elucidated.

Some of my picks possess voices that flow like liquid gold. Others boom loudly from the broadcast booth.

And, still others mis-pronunciate, in-articulate and mis-syllabicate.

In spite of their dissimilar sports casting styles and dramatically different deliveries, all of my picks are universally respected.

They include these favorite talking heads:

A team of broadcasting mics, coincidentally both named Mike, which has been kicking off our weekday mornings at 6am since 1998.

ESPN's Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg

ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike

Another who has left a lasting legacy on the landscape of college basketball with corny clichés, a passion for his sport and boundless desire to help others less fortunate.

Dickie V

ESPN basketball announcer Dick Vitale

A grandfatherly pigskin pundit who’s become as famous for his loveable lisp as he has for his hair-brained hunches.

ESPN sportscaster Lou Holtz

ESPN College Game Day’s Lou Holtz

A boorish comic strip character who’s best known for his snarky humor and bumbling antics.

Tank McNamara

Cartoon Character Tank McNamara

A pioneering woman whose stellar background as a college athlete and personal excellence as a basketball broadcaster has rendered gender irrelevant.

NBA announcer Doris Burke

ESPN’s Doris Burke

An icon who unexpectedly rumbled and stumbled into his incredible broadcasting gig way “back…back…back” in 1979 when he joined a budding sports network.

A velvet-voiced and quintessential Brit who’s mastered his craft in the reporting of international soccer.

The undersized, but eloquent host of the past eight Olympic Games who stands like a giant in the broadcasting world booth and is welcome in every sports fan’s living room.

Two sparring sportscasters that not only keep me company, but also entertain me while I prepare dinner on weeknights at 5:30pm EST.

A spunky and chronically overweight Southerner who broke the molds in both professions in which he excelled and became an unlikely, modern day broadcasting legend.

Click on the red cover below to safely download from Amazon. Then, you’ll see the rest of the comics in the book and read about how the golden voices of sportscasting made our sports viewing so much more memorable and satisfying.

Favorite SportscastersEnjoy Favorite Sportscasters. Email me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com if you think your favorite sportscaster was missing in this book because I might include him or her in a future book on sportscasters.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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