MIKE Launches FREE Sports Comic Book on Football Favorites

MIKE Vol 4 FREE Football

This FREE book is a collection of 25 entertaining football comics.

A little football history accompanies each comic. You’ll learn about the history of the Heisman as well as the Greatest Show on Turf!

You’ll enjoy reading about the brightest new NFL star, RGIII, and the greatest play in NFL history, the Immaculate Reception.

You’ll speculate how the Hail Mary Pass defies statistical probability and recall just how many NFL Playoff Teams failed to reach the Super Bowl because they figuratively Shot Themselves in the Foot.

You’ll smile at iconic football nicknames like Cheeseheads, Touchdown Jesus and Minister of Defense and cringe at arcane sports expressions still in use today like Telegraphing the Pass and Circling the Wagons.

The impenetrable Steel Curtain may make you feel a bit restrained, and a frightening Buzz Saw in one of the chapters should motivate you to best prepare for anything you do, so that you’ll never run into it.

So, whether you root for a Blue Collar Team or a Really Young Team, you may still need to Step-up big when it’s Gut Check Time.

Otherwise, it may metaphorically be the final Nail in Your Coffin.

So, check out this book.

It’s clever, and better yet, it’s FREE!

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

Download MIKE’s FREE Football Sports Comic Book!

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