MIKE Launches FREE “Scary” Sports Comic Book

MIKE Vol 5 ScaryThis FREE comic book isn’t intended to scare sports fans.

However, Scary Sports Comics – Volume 5 in my FREE sports comic book series – is a collection of figuratively frightening sports comics meant to entertain sports fans of all ages.

Scary Sports Comics highlights and sometimes lampoons the eerie expressions, creepy nicknames, ghostly references, frightening athletes, intimidating teams and unnerving clichés that comprise our unintentionally scary sports vocabulary.

The book cleverly chronicles individual stories of an elusive Galloping Ghost, a giant Green Monster and a terrifying boxer named The Executioner.

In addition, it disrupts the sleep of some readers with the Nigerian Nightmare. It startles others with references to a champion boxer with Hands of Stone.

This book covers the awe-inspiring fury of The Lightning Bolt as he explodes out of the starting blocks. It focuses on the frightening force of a huge running back named Earthquake who rambles through the line of scrimmage carrying a football.

In some of the chapters you may face your greatest fears. You’ll come face-to-face with a snarling Pit Bull, a venomous Black Mamba and an angry Raging Bull.

After squaring off on the soccer field with Scarface or pitching to Murderers’ Row, you may even think an encounter with the bruising Broad Street Bullies is a mild consolation.

So, hurry up and check out Scary Sports Comics. Do it before the roof caves in, you run into a buzz saw or someone metaphorically drives the final nail in your coffin.

If you don’t, The Embalmer may come skating after you.

Enjoy this comic book.

It’s not really frightening.

But, it’s funny and, better yet, it’s FREE!

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

Download MIKE’s FREE Scary Sports Comic Book!

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