MIKE Launches FREE March Madness Sports Comic Book for NCAA Tournament


The wildly popular Big Dance, or March Madness, descends upon NCAA college basketball fans every year.

From mid March through early April, college basketball fans are smitten by the sports world’s most popular annual event.

College hoop junkies trudge around like zombies barely able to get through the day without mumbling about stats, scores, match-ups, RPI ratings and overall strength of conference schedules.

In addition to debating regional brackets, they never part with their remotes. They divide their time between watching ESPN on big LCD TV screens, smaller LCD screens on WiFi notebooks and even tinier LCD screens on pocket-sized iPhones.

March Madness fans consumed by the NCAA tournament will enjoy this FREE book. It’s filled with 25 of my all-time favorite basketball comics.

You’ll laugh at the guys clad in tuxedos and bow ties getting invited to the Big Dance and at the player attempting to remove the lid from the basket with a blow torch.

You’ll recall the brilliant leadership of The Admiral and the amazing athleticism of Phi Slamma Jamma.

You’ll admire the poise of Louisville’s Never Nervous Pervis and the precociousness of Michigan’s Fab 5.

You’ll get a kick out of the nail biters in the stands and the tall guys who own the paint.

You may go mad like the Cameron Crazies or have Dickie V’s cliché laden basketball language drive you crazy.

So, before there’s no tomorrow (see Chapter 25 to learn more), enjoy the book. It’s funny and, better yet, it’s FREE!

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

Download MIKE’s FREE NCAA March Madness Sports Comic Book!

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