MIKE Debuts New Book: Favorite Big Things in Sports!

Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain NBA

NBA great Wilt Chamberlain

My new sports comic book Favorite Big Things in Sports just released on Amazon. It showcases seven super-sized athletes and three extra-large, non-athletic surprises. And, all of my choices are big!

That’s because all of my choices needed to be big, real big, to qualify for this book.

All are instantly recognizable because of the impact that they’ve wielded in sports. Yes, even the non-athletic ones.

That’s why fans have swooned over these giant sports icons whose names or descriptions start with – or include – the word big.

Check out my selections:

Read about a Hall of Fame MLB slugger who hit the baseball so hard that his team’s television announcer claimed he actually hurt the ball every time he hit.

Frank Thomas The Big Hurt

MLB’s The Big Hurt

Recall an NFL defensive lineman who was built like an extra-big, heavy duty kitchen appliance.

The Fridge

William The Refrigerator Perry

Smile at one extremely popular big guy who was known as much for his big size as he was for his big personality and even bigger NBA basketball resume.


The Big Shamrock Shaquille O’Neal

Think back on a big MLB pitcher with a flaming fastball and wicked slider who was a big intimidation on the mound.

MLB pitcher Big Unit Randy Johnson

The Big Unit Randy Johnson

Learn that because of the dominance of this basketball giant seen at the beginning of this blog, the NBA changed its rules.

Laugh or cringe over a big mouth that is both entertaining and aggravating to baseball fans – sometimes in the very same inning.

the heckler

Baseball’s rowdy fan – the Heckler.

Remember a Major League Baseball team that churned through opponents like a big red tractor during the 1970’s.

Cherish the big green wall that ranks as one of the most beloved landmarks in all of professional sports.

Fenway Park's Left Field Wall

The Green Monster

Recognize marketing campaign that is not only BIG, but promotes a professional league where amazing continues to happen.

And, applaud big talking, tough athletes who comprise my last chapter in Favorite Big Things in Sports.

trash talking in sports

Trash Talk in sports

Why? Because they back up their big bark with bite!

Book 13 - Favorite BIG Things in SportsWrite me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com if you think some of your big favorites in sports should have made it into my book.

Click on the red cover above and safely download Favorite Big Things in Sports for only 99 cents from Amazon.

Look forward to your comments.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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