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This FREE top 10 MIKE sports comic book series covers the gamut of sports.

Though my first book listed focuses on the annoying stuff in sports that drives me crazy, the rest of the FREE sports comic books offered cover: college basketball, college football, soccer or international football, clever sports comics, confusing stuff in sports, deadly things in sports and a whole lot more.

Enjoy the FREE sports comic books and share them with your family and friends.

free-mike-vol-11-annoyingSports fans not only like to boast about what they admire about an athlete, a team or a game. They also love to pontificate about the sports related stuff that irritates them the most.

That’s why I penned this FREE book on the top 10 things I find most annoying in sports.

As a prolific sports commentator, I consider it my personal obligation to speak up about the personalities, situations, ill-advised behavior, etc. in sports that stoke my embers of distaste.

In Annoying Stuff in Sports, I’ve accumulated my own list of the obnoxious things that agitate me the most.

In this book, you’ll probably agree with some of the universally annoying stuff that figures prominently on my list.

Irritating things in sports that I write about include: the NFL two minute warning, spitting in baseball, grunting in tennis, flopping in soccer, non-sport sports like NASCAR, pool and curling, and the formerly mega-rich, but now retired, broke athletes.

Some entries that squeezed into Annoying Stuff in Sports may surprise you. But, they really disturb me. That’s why each warrants a special chapter in my book.

These surprising choices that I categorize as annoying stuff include: Dick Vitale in the broadcast booth, the high cost of attending a game, whining in the NBA, adjusting the fellas in baseball, and basketball’s missed free throw celebration.

Remember, this is my book. It chronicles my collection of the stuff I find annoying in sports.

Consider it a mini reservoir of my personal angst.

This book overflows with my vituperative views on things I find irritating in sports.

These are my opinions, and my personal picks.

If you disagree or want to share what irks you in the world of sports, then email me at

Otherwise, enjoy Annoying Stuff in Sports.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE College Basketball Comics by Jim SweeneyThe wildly popular NCAA men’s national basketball championship tournament descends upon fans every year.

From mid March through early April, college basketball fans are smitten by the sports world’s most popular annual event that the NCAA has brilliantly Trademarked March Madness.

College hoops junkies trudge around like zombies. They get through the day mumbling about stats, scores, match-ups, RPI ratings, regional brackets and overall strength of conference schedules.

They also can’t part with their remotes, dividing ESPN viewing time between jumbo televisions, smaller WiFi notebook screens and even tinier LCD screens on their pocket-sized iPhones.

College basketball fans consumed by the annual NCAA tournament will enjoy this FREE sports comic book. To safely download, just click HERE .

It’s filled with 25 of my all-time favorite NCAA college basketball comics. They not only capture special players from previous tournaments, but also lampoon tireless basketball clichés we utilize as part of our, at times, outdated sports language.

You’ll laugh at the guys clad in tuxedos and bow ties getting invited to the Big Dance and you’ll smile at a player attempting to remove an actual lid from the basket with a blow torch.

You’ll recall the brilliant leadership of The Admiral and the amazing athleticism of Phi Slamma Jamma.

You’ll admire the poise of Louisville’s Never Nervous Pervis and the precociousness of Michigan’s Fab 5.

You’ll get a kick out of the nail biters in the stands and the tall guys who own the paint.

You’ll cheer on the little guy who takes the charge and empathize with the undersized team that came up short.

You may go mad like the Cameron Crazies or go crazy with Dickie V’s cliché laden basketball expressions.

So, cheer on your favorite team because when it comes to the NCAA college basketball tournament each March, your squad is certainly playing for all the marbles.

And, before there’s no tomorrow (see Chapter 25 to learn more), enjoy the book. It’s funny and, better yet, it’s FREE!

Note that there are plenty more MIKE Sports Comic Books available on

Check them out. Then, write me @

Straight talk. No static.

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic Books More than 150 years ago, no one could have imagined how playing with a bat, ball and glove on a diamond-shaped field would ultimately emerge as America’s favorite pastime – Major League Baseball.

Before TV and the internet – and long before the popularization of professional basketball, football and hockey – American athletes and sports fans “passed their time away” watching or playing baseball.

Since its first formal game in Hoboken, NJ back in 1863, baseball quickly evolved into family friendly sports entertainment.

Since then, Major League Baseball has enraptured fans for decades.

From Spring Training to the dog days of summer and into the Fall Classic, Americans love their favorite pastime.

Because of this beloved sport, baseball historians, collectors, fans and trivia buffs have flourished in the past century and will find themselves attracted to this informative, light-hearted book.

In FREE Baseball Comics, you’ll discover inventive images and brief commentaries about some of baseball’s most iconic players, teams and clichéd expressions.

You’ll applaud the success of MLB’s best team ever (the 1927 NY Yankees) and marvel at baseball’s most surprising champion (the 1906 Chicago Cubs).

You’ll read about baseball’s Big Red Machine, Big Unit and Big Hurt.

In addition, you’ll see featured favorite former baseball luminaries: Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, Yogi Berra, Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson and Reggie Jackson.

In addition to legends, this book’s clever comics capture current MLB stars Derek Jeter and Joey Votto.

Plus, you’ll learn about two true baseball heroes, Three Finger Brown and Jackie Robinson, as well as an MLB all-star who also excelled as an NFL running back.

This FREE book will take you to the Boston’s landmark Green Monster and transport you high above the playing field to Pigeon Heaven.

This book brings to life some of the sport’s most colorful terms, like pinch hitters, pitchers dueling and napping runners.

Enjoy the read. It’s entertaining and, better yet, it’s FREE.

Just don’t forget that this book won’t end until every baseball fan’s most beloved gal The Fat Lady belts out a few final bars.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksThis FREE NBA Comics book is filled with 25 basketball comics.

In every chapter, I share a bit of history behind each comic and offer readers the opportunity to purchase a jersey, hat or sports memorabilia of their favorite team or player.

Enjoy the comics. Memories of what they stand for will have you admiring, pondering, laughing, wincing and, in some cases, scratching.

Here’s why . . . .

You’ll want to scratch some body part when you read about one of the NBA’s most accomplished – but irritating – defenders known as The Rash.

You’ll wince recalling the recklessness of a ridiculously wayward team, the Jailblazers, and the thuggery of an NBA Championship Team’s center called His Heinous.

You’ll revel in memories of Los Angeles’ entertainment juggernaut the Showtime Lakers and laugh when remembering Chocolate Thunder’s female interest from Planet Lovetron.

But there’s more.

Admire the consistent basketball delivery of Karl The Mailman Malone and marvel how the immensely athletic Doctor J operated with a ball, rather than a scalpel, in his hand.

Get woozy thinking about Hakeem Olajuwon’s Dream Shake and wax nostalgic ruminating assorted Signature Shots like The Sky Hook, The Finger Roll, The Fade Away and The Step Back Jumper.

Be perplexed trying to understand how a 5’3” guard named Muggsy could possibly play the same sport as the 7’1” Big Shamrock.

Ponder what all basketball fans missed by never witnessing this Helicopter play in the NBA.

Gush over the brilliance of Magic and the dominance of The King.

You may go mad remembering how one of Vinsanity’s insane, last second shots beat your team.

And, you’ll probably get agitated recalling how the NBA Playoff heroics of Bird, LeBron, Durant, Magic or Kobe eliminated your favorite squad.

So, before The Black Mamba bites you or The Microwave heats up in a hurry, check out this book.

It’s funny and – better yet – it’s FREE!

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksFREE Football Comics is a collection of 25 clever football comics that bring to life familiar football terms and lampoon old gridiron clichés.

A bit of football history and trivia accompanies each comic.

Inside, you’ll learn the history of the Heisman Trophy and the origin of the Greatest Show on Turf.

You’ll enjoy reading about one of the brightest new NFL stars – RGIII – and the greatest play in NFL history – the Immaculate Reception.

You’ll speculate how the Hail Mary Pass defies statistical probability.

Plus, you’ll witness how football teams fail to win games because they figuratively shoot themselves in the foot.

You’ll smile at iconic football nicknames like Cheeseheads, Touchdown Jesus and Minister of Defense.

And, you’ll cringe at arcane football expressions that are still in use today like telegraphing the pass and circling the wagons.

You’ll laugh when talented corner backs apply actual blanket coverage and cagey players literally steal a play from the other team’s playbook.

The impenetrable Steel Curtain may make you feel a bit restrained and a frightening buzz saw may motivate you to prepare for challenges and avoid running into to one yourself.

Whether you root for a blue collar team or a really young team, you’ll want to play your tail off at gut check time.

So, before the kicker tacks on the extra point, it’s time to step up and check out FREE Football Comics.

That’s right! Hurry up and read this book before your opponent drives that proverbial final nail in your coffin.

Check out Free Football Comics as well as the XOXO’s of football’s favorite cliches. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE Scary Sports Comic BooksScary Sports Comics isn’t intended to scare sports fans.

However, Volume 5 in my FREE sports comic book series – is a collection of figuratively frightening sports comics.

Each comic is meant to entertain sports fans of all ages.

Scary Sports Comics both highlights and lampoons the eerie expressions, creepy nicknames, ghostly references, frightening athletes, intimidating teams and unnerving clichés that comprise our unintentionally scary sports vocabulary.

This book cleverly chronicles individual stories of an elusive Galloping Ghost, a giant Green Monster and a terrifying boxer named The Executioner.

In addition, it disrupts the sleep of some readers with a story about the Nigerian Nightmare. It startles others with references to a champion boxer with Hands of Stone.

This book covers the awe-inspiring fury of The Lightning Bolt as he explodes out of the starting blocks. It focuses on the frightening force of a little known, but huge NCAA running back named Earthquake who once rambled through the line of scrimmage carrying a football.

In some of the chapters you may face your greatest fears. You’ll come face-to-face with a snarling Pit Bull, a venomous Black Mamba and an angry Raging Bull.

After squaring off on the soccer field with Scarface and pitching to Murderers’ Row, you may even think an encounter with the bruising Broad Street Bullies proves a mild consolation.

So, hurry up and check out Scary Sports Comics.

Do it before you get mugged, punched, elbowed or trapped in Coffin Corner or Sudden Death Overtime.

If you don’t, The Embalmer and The Undertaker may come looking for you sooner than you think.

Enjoy this comic book. It’s not really frightening.

It’s just funny and, better yet, it’s FREE!

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksKnown as football throughout the non-American sports universe, soccer boasts its own unique language, eccentric expressions and unparalleled personalities.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport by a long shot, in spite of its peculiarities. For example, soccer keeps time in the exact opposite direction of every other sport on the planet. Secondly, soccer matches, not games, are played by men wearing boots rather than cleats atop a pitch instead of a field.

When overdone, soccer’s inexcusably melodramatic flopping may sully spectators’ enjoyment. Soccer fans also get flummoxed by the inexplicable calculation of stoppage time and anti-climactic penalty kick shootouts that decide championship games.

However, this international sport has flourished for generations.

Incredible athletes, iconic coaches and passionate fans cause both the wealthiest and poorest nations of the world to bask in the brilliance of the Beautiful Game.

In FREE Soccer Comics, you won’t need to fear the sport’s most frightening characters, aptly nicknamed Scarface and The Cannibal.

You’ll enjoy reading about the cleverly named and highly entertaining British soccer players Spice Boy and Calamity James.

You’ll even discover there really was a Fifth Beatle.

You’ll look up to the goal scoring exploits of taller, long-necked stars The Giraffe and Two Meter Peter.

You’ll relish in the allure of the Beautiful Game, the cleanliness of a goalie’s extra-tidy clean sheet and the “joie de vie” that a Frenchman named Va Va Voom exudes.

References to monarchs, leaders and twentieth century politics are captured by this sport. Expect to meet a Kaiser, a Child of the King and come face to face with soccer’s impenetrable Berlin Wall.

You’ll be impressed by a Genius, dazzled by a Magic Dwarf and enchanted by a pony tailed Princess named Mia.

Finally, after a little assistance from soccer’s most debated Hand of God, you’ll finish this FREE read by paying homage to the sport’s most sacred celestial star – Pele.

Kick this book around on your own or pass it to a friend.

If you love the Beautiful Game, you’ll want to share these clever comics and lively sports trivia with fellow soccer fans.

And, best yet, the book is FREE!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksCombine sports and laughter, and, boom! You’ve got a home run, a slam dunk, a hat trick, a perfect 10, a Gatorade victory bath and a touch down celebration all in one.

Clever Sports Comics does just that.

It’s designed to make you laugh about the funny, crazy and sometimes ridiculous ways we describe the athletes, coaches, plays, events and other elements we love about sports.

The 25 comics in this book cleverly capture the hyperbole and absurdity that oftentimes comprise our sports vocabulary.

These sports comics, along with brief corresponding stories, cover the entire gamut in sports. They bring to life commonly used sports clichés we often employ to describe a team, a play or a game.

In this book, you’ll smile at a girl literally pitching a gem and the winning team carrying a metaphoric “W” on their shoulders as they run out the door of their opponent’s gym.

You’ll shake in your shoes if you’re intimidated, too, by rivals you think run like deer or those who wield lots of weapons.

You’ll sneer at the audacity of refs who swallow their whistles at key moments in a game. And, you’ll certainly mutter at the fickleness of supposed faithful fans as they head to the exits.

You’ll cheer on the successful soccer team as it turns the corner and the baseball manager who pleads his case before the presiding judge, or in this case, umpire.

You’ll chuckle at a pitcher getting shelled and wince at a skinny basketball player attempting to take the charge.

You’ll relish the ridiculousness of fans on their feet, an exasperated coach burning a time out and an errant golf ball that finds water.

You will probably grimace at the sophomoric humor of a smart foul, bad basketball bounces (duh!) and a girl with ice water in her veins.

Regardless of the sport, you’ll easily relate to coaches in the comics who remind players that in order to raise the bar, they’ll need to remember that there’s no “I” in team.

As a player, coach or fan you will immediately relate to most, if not all, of the illustrated sports clichés in this book.
Yes, we’ve all used these cliches whenever we’ve talked about sports.

The book is not a nail biter, so finishing it will be as easy as the makeable putt that shows up in the final chapter.

Clever Sports Comics is funny, and, better yet, it’s FREE. Enjoy.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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FREE MIKE Vol 9 Satirical BlogsThe literary form of satire parodies the self-absorbed, playfully derides the renegades and cleverly exposes the foolishness of others.

Satirists like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, Tina Fey of 30 Rock and writers Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park brilliantly bare the boorish behavior and pointless follies of the overt egos in this world.

In Favorite Satirical Sports Blogs, I expect to entertain you with my own outlandish observations and exaggerated opinions as they pertain to sports.

I scorn the scorn worthy, lampoon the lugs, conjure up some crazy thoughts and denounce dumb decisions.

As an equal opportunity offender, I write about the ridiculous that I’ve observed in the sports world.

In addition, I share some of my crazy conjecture about teams, events, players and, in one specific case, a famous NBA star’s mom.

Sure, some of my blogs are outrageous, but that’s the point. Satire serves to prove a point, and it perfectly applies to sports.

My book is intended to make you laugh about how the truly absurd sometimes happens in and around sports.

To those I’ve satirized in this book, may you and others laugh, too, while also benefitting from what I’ve published.

Look forward to hearing from you if you have a thought about what I’ve written and wish to challenge me on a point.

My email is

Enjoy the read, and remember, it’s a book on sports satire.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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FREE MIKE Vol 9 Funny Sports BlogsSports comics and funny sports blogs are the perfect fit for the entertainment seeking fan.

Like burgers and fries, cookies and cream or Stockton and Malone, the clever sports combination of comics and funny blogs instantly attracts readers. That’s why fans of my articles and books have encouraged me to write more about the humorous side of sports.

They’ve asked me to lampoon the obvious. Expose the exaggerated. And, call on the carpet the irritating, the ridiculous and the flat out funny. Plus, they’ve called for a collection of my 10 best blogs from the past few years.

So, I’ve compiled them in FREE Funny Sports Blogs.

An inventive comic accompanies each chapter. It gives reason to ponder my presumptions about the preposterous or to unleash a belly laugh about the ludicrous.

Enjoy my musings about a proposed ban on spitting in baseball.

Sign the petition to get rid of grunting in women’s tennis and ban the blatant adjusting of the fellas in baseball.

Plead with our President for change – on his alligator push shot that he believes is a sweet stroking jumper.

Scorn the missed free throw celebration in basketball and the overly dramatic displays of flopping in international soccer.

Scowl at Notre Dame’s mascot – the Lilliputian Leprechaun.

Shake your head at a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer’s head scratching Yogi-isms.

And lastly, deplore Twitter.

Enjoy FREE Funny Sports Blogs and laugh loudly.

Just like Abbott and Costello, cheese and crackers or ESPN’s Mike and Mike, sports comics and funny sports blogs are a splendid combination.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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FREE MIKE sports comic bookIf you’re as rabid a sports fan as me, you’ll agree that sports comprise the best form of entertainment.

NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and FIFA games showcase some of the greatest athletes on the planet.

But, sports entertainment is more than just watching phenomenal athletes ply their craft on the ice, field, diamond, hardwood or pitch.

What provide the extra sizzle in sports are countless non-athletes that make the games possible and entertaining. They enrich the overall fan experience.

A number of non-athletic performers and icons deliver invaluable appeal and bring the entertainment aspects of sports to greater levels.

I highlight them in this book.

Some picks are as obvious as the bowtie I’m wearing. And, others on this list may surprise you.

None are actual athletes. A few aren’t even real at all. But, all of them show up at NFL, MLB, NCAA and NHL games.

You will adore one of the most unlikely sportscasters on television.

You will envy the driver of the baddest maintenance vehicle in sports.

You will wince at the thought of a big mouthed bloviator.

You will probably scowl at the refs I feature. But, you’ll immediately recognize that games don’t get played without them.

You’ll recite familiar lines from a series of iconic movies starring a fictional fighting sports character.

You might proudly don the ridiculous foam hats worn by the loyal fans of this historic NFL franchise.

You will certainly agree that this guy’s no athlete, but he was an incredible showman in a non-sport sport now seen regularly on ESPN.

You will smile at the awe inspiring godlike figure in an imposing mural, perhaps the most recognized image in NCAA college football.

You’ll cheer madly over packaged meat products racing awkwardly around a baseball field.

Finally, you’ll sing along with a likeable large lady who needs to belt out a few bars, so fans in the stands can finally go home.

Enjoy my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports!

Email me at if you have a few choices that you think should have made it into this book.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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