Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Whines Way Past Indiana Pacers

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. Source: Wikimedia Keith Allison

Earlier this week blunt NBA commentator Charles Barkley chortled, “the Miami Heat are a whiney bunch.”

After watching the Heat eliminate the Indiana Pacers from the Eastern Conference Playoffs, I completely concur with Sir Charles’s comment about the Heat and declare that Miami star Dwyane Wade should be crowned the whiniest of all.

Wade’s bickering, scowling and flopping during the recent Pacers series were totally unbecoming of an NBA superstar and completely overshadowed his otherwise brilliant overall play in the past three games. D-Wade’s sideline spat with Heat coach Eric Spoelstra and his chronic complaining to officials and exaggerated reactions during games diminish Wade’s dominance.

The guard’s flailing and flopping whenever he makes contact with a defender is inappropriate and unnerving for fans to watch. Wade’s reputation for unwarranted theatrics was comically caught on film by TNT cameramen during last night’s game when heckling Indiana fans chanted choruses of “flop-per, flop-per,” while Wade attempted a third quarter free throw. Ironically, the normally chatty ESPN broadcaster Jeff van Gundy’s reticence validated the Pacer fans’ disparaging cheers.

Also, the shooting guard’s grimaces and groans whenever he misses a shot negate any sportsmanlike acknowledgement to the excellent defense of his opponent and portray the wallowing Wade as another beefing Kobe Bryant, believing he only misses a shot if he is held, hit, bumped or maimed.

Should Wade seek counsel from his college coach and mentor Tom Crean, perhaps the two should study film of the NBA star’s incessant whining and unnecessary histrionics on the hardwood.

Wade needs to continue elevating his game, not his blood pressure. His incredible talent needs to gush forth on the basketball court and not his angst. Wade is too good to be this whiney.

The guard’s dominating play of late, especially in last night’s close out victory in Indianapolis, will be long remembered; however, Wade’s bickering, scowling and flopping during the Heat – Pacers series will not be quickly forgotten when Sir Charles and company covers the Heat’s play in the eastern Conference Finals next week on TNT.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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