I Love ESPN College Football Announcer Lou Holtz!

MIKE Comic 101 Lou HoltzI absolutely love ESPN college football announcer Lou Holtz!

For cryin’ out loud – as this charismatic old coaching codger likes to say – I now love Lou Holtz even more after listening to his commentary during another season along with co-anchor Mark May during ESPN College Game Day broadcasts.

Lou Holtz’s candid college football coverage carries clout! Viewers are immediately smitten by the outspoken purity of this grandfatherly pigskin pundit and television’s a-typical talking head.

That’s why I also feature him in my FREE comic book Best About Sports as my #25 pick.

Who cares if this retired coach sports a face for radio rather than network television? This colorful commentator is welcome in my living room any day of the week.

The former Notre Dame, South Carolina and Minnesota head football coach may mis-pronunciate, inarticulate and mis-syllabicate whenever he opens his mouth, but who the heck cares?

The immensely loveable Lou emanates total trust, prognosticates with passion and purpose, and generates unbridled enthusiasm out of the ESPN College Game Day Studio.

College football fans look quickly past his saucer shaped spectacles, learn to live with his lovable lisp, and humor him for his histrionics and hair-brained hunches – because they, too – absolutely love ESPN College Game Day’s Lou Holtz!

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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