LeBron James’ Latest Decision – Support Broncos’ Tim Tebow

LeBron James’ latest decision is the right choice.

No, LeBron’s latest decision is not another debacle like last summer’s ESPN informercial interview.

Rather, it’s an understanding, sympathetic tweet in support of another immensely celebrated, highly scrutinized athlete from a different sport.

Yesterday, the two time NBA MVP took issue with ESPN football analyst Merrill Hoge who said, “It’s embarrassing to think that the Broncos could win with Tebow at QB.”

Bristled by Hoge’s blasting of Tebow, LeBron immediately jumped on the Tebow bandwagon. He blamed Hoge and other television talking heads for “hating instead of encouraging” the former Heisman Trophy winner who hasn’t even played one full NFL season yet. James tweeted that Tebow is a natural born leader and a WINNER and will succeed in the NFL.

James’s choice to defend Tebow is noble, calculated and timely. Unable to finish successfully in this past season’s NBA Finals, the King is seeking to rebuild his own pimpled public persona. And, saddling up his support to the Bronco QB is a terrific start.

Who’s to balk at LBJ, other than perhaps Hoge, for backing Tebow?

Given the former Gator’s charisma and continued universal popularity, it would be like defending those who would mock Mohammad in Mecca, jeer Jesus in Jerusalem or scorn Santa on Christmas morning.

Whether you agree with Lebron or not, here’s hoping that James’ most recent bold decision turns the tide of public opinion against him.

Because in defending Tim Tebow, LeBron’s decision is the right choice.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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