Shaquille O’Neal: NBA’s Big Shaqramento Queen

Expect the Big Diesel, Big Cactus, Big Shamrock, Big Twitterer and Big Aristotle to become the Big Shaqcramento Queen in his new NBA ownership role.

Expect the Big Diesel, Big Cactus, Big Shamrock, Big Twitterer and Big Aristotle to become the Big Shaqcramento Queen in his new NBA ownership role.

This week Shaquille O’Neal announced his minority ownership stake in the NBA Sacramento Kings, while simultaneously inserting the majority of his size 23 sneakers into his ever motoring, fun loving mouth.

A four-time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, the immensely likeable 41-year-old Big Diesel notoriously tormented the Sacramento franchise with his dominating play on the court and his clever quips away from the hardwood.

The Big Aristotle, one of the Big Fella’s assorted self-appointed popular nicknames, routinely disparaged the Lakers’ bitter Western Conference rival by calling them the Sacramento Queens.

Now, nearly two decades later, the Big Shaqtus, with a fondness for clever nicknames, finds himself sporting a new moniker that I’ve quickly foisted upon him – The Big Shaqramento Queen.

Shaq’s newest label deservedly aligns with his present role in the franchise ownership group comprised of principal investors Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vivek Ranadive and 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.

As in other NBA cities where he laced up his super-sized sneakers, the Big Baryshnikov may not be able to dance his way around the new Big Shaqramento Queen. It’s a fitting slam dunk bequeathed for Shaq Fu for the flack he inflicted on Sacramento years ago.

The Big Shaqramento Queen makes perfect sense for this former 15 time NBA all-star who displayed a penchant for picking up clever handles wherever he played.

While in Phoenix with the Suns, O’Neal was known as the Big Cactus. In Boston with the Celtics, the Big Shamrock tag was a perfect fit for the likeable, but unlucky, large luminary. And, in stops with the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, Superman seemed like the perfect handle for this larger than life NBA center and cultural icon.

However, don’t be surprised when the newly named Big Shaqramento Queen runs full throttle with his snarky sobriquet.

With nearly 8 million Twitter followers, The Big Twitterer will likely merchandise the heck out of this newest nickname.

Plus, the basketball knowledgeable O’Neal, teamed with a management nucleus of other former NBA all-stars Chris Mullen, Mitch Richmond and Sharif Abdur-Rahim, should dig the woeful Sacramento franchise out of its rock bottom ranking among 122 professional U.S. sports franchises.

Always the joker, Shaq Daddy commented about the Kings franchise, “Worst is at the bottom, which means you can’t get no worser.” The bright big man and TNT analyst understands what it’s like to be on the bottom.

The newly named Big Shaqramento Queen already learned the meaning of worst, as in box office receipts, having starred as Kazaam in a major Hollywood box office bust he’s earnestly tried to shake ever since.

So begins a new chapter in the Big Fella’s life.

Even with his horrible new handle the Big Shaqramento Queen, sports fans expect that whatever the Big Fella does, Shaquille O’Neal’s success will be BIG, very BIG!

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