Immensely Important Inconsequential Bar Games

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You know exactly what I mean when I refer to immensely important inconsequential bar games!

Be honest. We all play them!

And, more importantly, we all love these seemingly innocuous bar games no matter how inconsequential they may appear to the uninitiated.

What are they, you may ask?

They’re the juvenile bar room competitions that we instantly turn into epic Olympic events.

They’re the mindless matches that puff up our pride and get our competitive juices flowing.

They’re the childish clashes that force us to focus, stand taller, talk tougher and take on challengers as if it’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Sure, these games may appear to be immature and sophomoric, but they’re immensely important to those who play them.

Just click on the yellow cover below and listen to my rant on why immensely important inconsequential bar games like pool, darts, fuse ball and others are far more important then people realize.

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