Hockey’s Zamboni Driver: One of My Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports!

Hockey's Ice Resurfacing Machine The Zamboni

Here’s a sneak peak at one of my chapters in my FREE sports comic book entitled: Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports!

He’s the Zamboni driver – a dream job for hockey fans everywhere.

Driving this clunky resurfacing vehicle would satisfy nearly every hockey fan’s fantasy.

Hoards of hockey fans have yearned to climb behind the wheel of this tractor and take charge of the ice.

Barreling down the ice at a top speed of just 9 miles per hour and operating the baddest maintenance vehicle in all of sports, the Zamboni driver cruises in at #7 in Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports.

Who doesn’t envy the guy sitting in the best seat atop the rink?

The driver of the boxy Zamboni expertly scrapes, collects, washes, resurfaces and smooths the ice for hockey games and skating competitions.

The Zamboni driver deftly manages his monster machine as it sprays and then squeegees 140 degree water onto the ice. Miraculously, once rutted and scarred ice transforms into a shimmering surface that looks like polished glass.

Developed by Frank J. Zamboni in Southern California in 1949, the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine has become the standard throughout arenas around the world. At a price of $75,000 each, approximately 200 custom made machines are manufactured and distributed each year.

The Zamboni’s iconic fame extends beyond the boards of the hockey rinks it resurfaces. It was once featured in the classic sitcom Cheers when Carla’s husband Eddie supposedly got run over by a Zamboni.

In a Peanuts comic strip, a miniature Zamboni once cleaned the ice in a birdbath for Snoopi’s bird pal Woodstock.

This heavy duty “bad to the boni” machine is dear to all hockey fans. Expertly restoring chunks and grooves in previously pock-marked ice, countless fans secretly dream of being behind the wheel.

To hockey purists, it doesn’t matter that the Zamboni driver moves along at a glacier like speed. At a whopping 9 miles-per-hour, it’s still a blast to drive.

The Zamboni is loved by hockey fans across the globe.

And, it’s easy to understand how the Zamboni driver chugs his way into the #7 spot in Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports – scheduled for release in early May 2014.

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