Hockey’s Penalty Box or Sin Bin

hockey penalty box

The penalty box in hockey

In all of sports, this 10′ by 4′ glass enclosed structure stands alone as a unique piece of real estate.

Not only is hockey’s penalty box – or sin bin – the subject of my latest podcast, but it also it checks into the #10 in my sports comic book of Hockey Favorites.

Hockey is the only sport that boasts a physical cell of sorts with a wooden door and reinforced plexi-glass walls. This is where players are temporarily banished from the ice for their bratty behavior, like tripping, slashing, cross checking and excessively rough play.

Rugby, handball, field hockey, lacrosse and water polo may refer to their physical places of time out punishment as penalty boxes.

However, only the sport of hockey’s Penalty Box resembles an aquarium that could conceivably house your favorite fish. In hockey’s unique temporary accommodation, punished players serve out their penalties like little kids in a kindergarten time-out.

Sitting strategically at center ice between the red and blue lines, hockey’s small, isolated glass wall enclosure is visible to everyone in the arena. Fans instantly know who’s been naughty simply by checking out who’s in hockey’s “sin bin.” Otherwise, they can read the arena’s score board where a player’s violation is cited and their penance time is actually counted down.

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