Friday Sports Funny: Gut Check Time

MIKE Sports Comic: Gut Check TimeToday’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the old-school sports cliche – Gut Check Time.

Every sports fan should be familiar with this old adage which applies to all sports.

However, the football related comic in this blog outrageously, depicts the sports cliche’s meaning.

The expression Gut Check Time is meant to rally athletes during that critical time in a game.

That’s when visions of victory are about to suddenly vanish and a potential loss hangs precariously in the balance.

So, when coaches, fans, players and sportscasters expect every last ounce of internal strength and courage to be corralled to change the outcome of a game, they proclaim this defining moment to be Gut Check Time!

However, I gotta admit that every time this clarion call is conveyed during an NFL game, my gut gets grossed out!

Gut Check Time & Extra Beefy NFL “Offensive” Linemen

You see, when I hear the words Gut Check Time, instead of conjuring up visions of pending victory, my mind quickly wanders to ghastly glimpses of extra-beefy NFL offensive linemen with bulging bellies bombarding my brain and bringing a whole new meaning to this time-honored cliche.

These frightful flubbies flaunt rotund repositories resembling pepperoni pizza, greasy grub, candy, ice cream and assorted pan fried food storehouses that wobble woefully around their waists.

No wonder why these linemen are called offensive! Cluck, cluck. Snort snort!

So, after posting this Friday Sports Funny, I neither have the stomach – nor the timefor gut check expressions of any kind!

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