Frosty NCAA Title Game Dialogue Between UCONN’s Auriemma’s & Notre Dame’s McGraw

For the first time ever as a sports fan, I’ll be tuning in tonight to a women’s college basketball game.

Like most fans who constantly troll the web for sports headlines, I’m casually aware of tonight’s unprecedented NCAA championship game between two undefeated women’s college programs – the 37–0 University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the 39-0 UCONN Huskies.

Although I’ve recently learned about the game’s extraordinary stars, ND’s Kalya McBride and UCONN’s Breanna Stewart who will lead their teams into tonight’s title game, I’ll be watching for a totally different reason.

My personal interest lies in witnessing the soap opera saga unfolding between the women’s college game’s two best coaches – UCONN’s Geno Auriemma and Notre Dame’s Muffet McGraw.

The female player’s name in this comic may be Frost because this talented free throw shooter metaphorically has “ice water in her veins.” However, her chilly sounding last name pales in comparison to the icy relationship between tonight’s rival coaches.

The clash on the court in Nashville this evening may be upstaged by the silly cat fight on the sidelines between two successful college coaches who should lead by example and comport themselves more professionally.

Auriemma is the sport’s most decorated coach with 8 NCAA titles to his credit, while McGraw is the game’s hottest product with 1 championship and UCONN giant killer instincts.

However, both are acting like spoiled children and talking with surprising immaturity that they more than likely counsel their very own players against.

Jealous acts, unnecessary mud slinging and an intractable unwillingness to make peace between themselves have sullied what should be the biggest night in the history of NCAA women’s college basketball.

Auriemma’s and McGraw’s behavior serves up fodder better suited for a championship fight than a championship women’s basketball game.

The ever slick Auriemma coyly responds to all questions pertaining to McGrath and her team. And, not to be outdone, McGraw takes the gloves off when referencing Auriemma.

ESPN even reported McGraw as saying, “We are past the point of a relationship. I think the civility got lost.”

McGraw also shamefully refused to stand and congratulate UCONN’s Stewart when acknowledged for receiving the Naismith Player of the Year Award because she thought her star McBride should have received it. How petty!

Enough of this nonsense already. Stop acting like such small minded coaches! Children a younger than you are watching. Grow up.

Tonight’s game should be about the excellence of the two teams that will face each other and NOT about your egos and bumptious pride.

We’ve all heard the axiom that the college game, unlike the NBA game, is all about the coaches.

But, just tonight can it be about the players.

Remember, it’s my – and maybe many others’ – first time ever to watch a women’s college basketball game. Let’s make it epic!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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