Friday Sports Funny: Team Came Up Short

team fell short of winning

Today’s Friday Sports Funny recalls a sports cliche all sports fans have used to describe the outcome of a game.

Sure, the comic is totally ridiculous, but it’s also pretty funny.

The sophomoric depiction brings to life the over-used sports cliche about a losing team coming up short.

In this instance, the Lilliputian players are intentionally short to drive home the point.

I just love the look at the consoling look on this coach’s face. He even kneels down and cranes his neck to get closer to his players.

The undersized team just lost its basketball game by coming up short in the final score. The disposition of the tiny hoopsters says it all.

With hands over his face to hide disappointment, #6 certainly appears dismayed. The sitting player holding what seems like an over sized basketball is numb, while #10 holds back tears and #3 eagerly awaits encouragement from a caring coach.

No, I’m not picking on little tikes in this comic.

Actually, I’ve always been a fan of the vertically challenged. I’ve even authored a book touting smaller sports stars called Favorite Undersized Athletes.

Favorite Undersized AthletesHowever, there’s a silver lining to consider.

History reveals that it doesn’t take height to be big in sports and in life. The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA and the NCAA all have awesome stories of undersized athletes who have excelled at the professional level.

Just research the names Pocket Hercules, Doug Flutie, Olga Korbut, Muggsy Bogues, Wee Willie Keeler and Lionel Messi.

All may be short of stature, but have made huge accomplishments in life.

Yes, each is highlighted in Favorite Undersized Athletes.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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