Friday the 13th Sports Funny: Sudden Death Overtime

sudden deathToday’s Friday the 13th Sports Funny – Sudden Death Overtime – should prod revelers to get into the spirit of this month’s Halloween celebration.

The ominous sounding sports expression – Sudden Death Overtime – is that designated period of time that follows after regulation time when the score of the game is still tied.

This added, tie-breaking time provides a knock-out stage in a game where the next score wins.

So, when the victorious team suddenly scores, it’s exasperating, or deadly, for the loser.

Love the comic above, especially the undertaker measuring #8 in the football uniform for the size of a possible casket.

Sudden Death Overtime Varies By Sport

The NFL, NHL and PGA all have their versions of Sudden Death Overtime, while FIFA recently changed to a new format only a few years ago.

New FIFA rules call for Sudden Death Overtime penalty kicks when two 15 minute periods and five regular penalty shots still result in a deadlocked match.

In other sports, the NHL playoffs have utilized Sudden Death Overtime since 1919.

In the PGA, when a tie calls for another 18 hole round, it’s always followed by a Sudden Death Overtime hole-by-hole playoff if the players are still tied.

In the NFL, a Sudden Death Overtime has recently been updated beginning with the 2011 playoffs.

When it comes to Sudden Death Overtime in any sport, one certain similarity remains; suspenseful, nail biting action is guaranteed to bring fans to the edge of their seats.

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It certainly may be a callous and morbid way to describe the tie-breaking action to conclude a game.

However, all sports fans are magnetized by the excitement that comes out of Sudden Death Overtime.

With today being Friday the 13th and Halloween only two week away, today’s Friday Sports Funny is a great way to get sports fans into the Halloween spirit!

MIKE – thee ultimate head on sports!

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