Friday Sports Funny: Raining 3’s in a Basketball Game

Today’s Friday Sports Funny once again lampoons the obvious by bringing to a life the overused basketball cliche of “raining 3’s!”

In the comic, a huge umbrella appears to be protecting a group of defenders from an onslaught of 3 point shots. The “raining 3’s” come in various shapes and colors and apparently originate from all areas of the court.

The incredulous players are taking cover from the endless barrage of successful 3-point shots they are unable to defend.

Today’s Comic Reminiscent of Golden State Warriors

The scene depicts a common site NBA fans could have witnessed in 2016 when opposing teams faced the Golden State Warriors.

Led by Splash Brothers Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, the Warriors set an NBA record by making 13.1 three pointers per game during the 2015 – 16 season.

In addition, MVP Steph Curry obliterated his individual three pointers made in a single season record of 286 in 2014 – 15 by dropping in an astounding 402 bombs behind the arc during the 2015 – 2016.

Amazingly, teammate Klay Thompson made 276 threes this past season to help lead the Warriors to the greatest team record in NBA history.

In the comic above, the gigantic umbrella may not be big enough to stop the deluge of 3-pointers.

But, during an any NCAA or NBA action, raining 3’s is a great thing in a basketball game – especially if it’s your team that’s making them.

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