Friday Sports Funny: A Pitchers’ Duel in Baseball

MIKE Sports Comic: Pitcher's Duel

Today’s Friday Sports Funny perfectly brings to life the commonly used baseball expression – pitchers duel.

Just like you’d never see NFL football receivers stop on actual dimes or NBA basketball players literally jump out of the gym, you’d never witness saber-wielding pitchers on an MLB baseball mound.

These older, but widely accepted, sports clichés help us better understand a situation in sports.

This baseball comic makes up the #12 chapter in my sports comic book Favorite Sports Comics.

Favorite Sports ComicsThat’s because it cleverly demonstrates the excellence of two pitchers. As they metaphorically duel it out on the pitcher’s mound, they successfully quiet the bats of their opponents.

If it were a current day sport, ESPN would soon be showing highlights of this great pitching duel.

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