Friday Sports Funny: Other Team Runs Like Deer

Today’s Friday Sports Funny, the other team runs like deer, is self-evident.

Intimidation is written all over the faces of these three runners.

Fear grips them as they gaze at the ominous shadows of powerful deer their opponents cast onto the track.

How ironic that these opponents are only shadows and real runners cannot be seen anywhere in the picture.

What a great lesson to learn in any sport.

Sometimes our imagination plays tricks on us.

Negative, fearful thoughts can make our challenge, or in this case our opposition, appear bigger, stronger and faster that they really are.

Intimidation and fear can quickly paralyze athletes in any sport whether it’s football, baseball, basketball hockey or soccer.

Imagine stepping into the batter’s box in an MLB game and facing the imposing 6’10” Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson on the mound.

Imagine having to guard LeBron James in an NBA Finals Game.

And, imagine trying to defend Megatron Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions in the open field.

Yup, I’d be a little apprehensive, too.

However, unlike the fearful runners shivering in apprehension as they look at the shadow of the much larger deer with hinds feet, we do not need to follow in their foot steps if we’re prepared and are poised to give our best.

Hey, but let’s not forget that this is only a comic, or my Friday Sports Funny, because the other team really doesn’t run like deer.

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