Friday Sports Funny: New York Yankees Babe Ruth’s Famous Quote

MLB Hall of Famer The Sultan of Swat Babe Ruth

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on this famously funny quote uttered by New York Yankees icon Babe Ruth.

“No, I had a much better year than him.” ~ Babe Ruth

When questioned if his huge 1927 baseball salary, which amounted to more than United States President Herbert Hoover earned at the time, was too high, the Sultan of Swat confidently quipped that he had a much better year than our nation’s leader.

Ouch! Imagine the bruhaha of one of today’s mega sports stars dares to challenge the job performance of POTUS.

Nearly 90 years later in a world of telephone number sized sports salaries, I wonder how the super-flush Cleveland Cavs’ LeBron James, New England Patriots’ Tom Brady or Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw would respond.

Each athlete makes more in one professional start than former President Hoover and the beloved Babe Ruth did in one year.

Babe Ruth: Outspoken Sultan of Swat

Also, in our world of political correctness and an always eagerly awaiting, overly sensitive press and twitter-verse, curious how outspoken the Sultan of Swat would be if he laced up his cleats in 2017.

Probably not nearly as blunt or as talkative.

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