Friday Sports Funny: Coach Had to Burn a Time Out

MIKE Sports Comic: Coach Burned a Time Out

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the utterly ridiculous.

Imagine watching an NFL game on a Sunday afternoon only to witness New Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin or Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett setting fire to their play book on the stadium sidelines.

Now, that would be a hoot!

The commonly used sports cliche – Coach had to burn a timeout – spawns this Friday Sports Funny’s silly imagery.

The sophomoric expression applies to just about any sport. It painfully explains how a coach must, at times, needlessly spend a time out when his team is struggling.

From the downcast looks and slumping shoulders of the Lions’ players, the coach’s time out is unexpected and is bound to lead to some butt chewing in the huddle.

No doubt, the picture of a coach strolling the sidelines and pulling a lighter out of his pocket to set his play sheet ablaze would obviously never happen. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if unpredictable Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan pulled the stunt one day.

Enjoy today’s brief blog and email me at if you have an idea for a future Friday Sports Funny.

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