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For a fun way to kick off the work week safely download my FREE Football Comics book.

It’s a collection of 25 clever football comics that bring to life familiar football terms and lampoon old gridiron clichés.

A bit of football history and trivia accompanies each comic.

Inside, you’ll learn the history of the Heisman Trophy and the origin of the Greatest Show on Turf.

You’ll enjoy reading about one of the the greatest play in NFL history – the Immaculate Reception.

You’ll speculate how the Hail Mary Pass defies statistical probability.

Plus, you’ll witness how football teams fail to win games because they shoot themselves in the foot.

Cheeseheads, Touchdown Jesus & more…

You’ll smile at iconic football nicknames like Cheeseheads, Touchdown Jesus and Minister of Defense.

And, you’ll cringe at arcane football expressions that are still in use today like telegraphing the pass and circling the wagons.

You’ll laugh when talented corner backs apply actual blanket coverage on opposing receivers and cagey players literally steal a play from the other team’s playbook.

The impenetrable Steel Curtain may make you feel a bit restrained and a frightening buzz saw may motivate you to prepare for challenges and avoid running into to one yourself.

Whether you root for a blue collar team or a really young team, you’ll want to play your tail off at gut check time.

Click Below to Safely Download Favorite Football Comics

So, before the kicker tacks on the extra point, it’s time to step up and check out this FREE Football Comics book.  Just click HERE to safely download.

That’s right! Hurry up and read this book before your opponent drives that proverbial final nail in your coffin.

Check out these Free Football Comics as well as the XOXO’s of football’s favorite cliches. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

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