Friday Sports Funny: Fickle Fans

MRO 29 Faithful to ExitsToday’s Friday Sports Funny demonstrates how fickle fans can even, at times, be the most “faithful” ones.

With time still remaining in the football game, an angry nun, an incredulous priest, a disappointed rabbi and even a bummed out shaman are heading to the stadium exit.

Their favorite team, appropriately named the Angels, is getting whipped 35 – 14 by their bitter rivals, the Devils. The supposedly “faithful” Angels fans are not happy. Instead of remaining until the game’s final whistle to support their team, they’re quickly slinking out of the stadium.

Unfortunately, scenarios like this play out regularly in NFL stadiums, NBA arenas, MLB stadiums and NHL arenas. Fickle fans are not nearly as faithful as they could or should be.

Miami Heat fans are arguably the most notorious as evidenced in the epic Game 6 of the 2014 NBA Finals victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Heat fans prematurely bolted the American Airlines Arena thinking the game and season was over for their squad. However, a ferocious comeback and cold blooded Ray Allen three from the corner proved otherwise.

ESPN should expose the feigned faithful on Sports Center highlight reels by showing them prematurely, and quickly, heading to exits while their beloved squads are still competing.

That kind of revealing video footage would immediately separate the true sheep from the goats or, in this case, the truly faithful from the non-faithful, or fickle, sports fans.

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