2nd Edition: FREE New York Sports Icons Comic Book

New York Sports Stars and LandmarksCheck out my recently released 2nd edition of my FREE sports comic book entitled New York Sports Icons.

In addition to famous former mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, New York City boasts a colorful array of popular places and legendary landmarks.

These include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, the Diamond District, Mulberry Street, Madison Avenue and Wall Street.

The Big Apple also stands alone as an American sports metropolis.

It plays home to 10 major professional sports teams – two each in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and now MLS.

The city that never sleeps is proud of its storied sports history.

Its rich sports heritage comprises Hall of Fame athletes, championship teams, historic venues and even an amazing urban sports legend.

The 2nd edition of my FREE sports comic book New York Sports Icons pays homage to the city’s most famous and most admired.

This book recalls Broadway Joe Namath’s bold Super Bowl prediction and Mark Messier’s audacious Stanley Cup proclamation.

New York Sports Icons remembers the World Series heroics of a Messrs. October Reggie Jackson and November Derek Jeter.

It also spotlights the illustrious careers of Major League Baseball’s greatest player ever and the sport’s most colorful catcher.

New York Sports Icons pays tribute to two heroes. One unexpectedly walked down Madison Square Garden’s tunnel and inspired his NBA team, while the other courageously walked across racially divided lines to change the game of professional baseball forever.

This book honors the storied environs of one of Major League Baseball’s most respected stadiums and the midtown Manhattan sports venue billed as “the world’s most famous arena.”

New York Sports Icons Bonus Chapter: Rucker Park

The 2nd edition of New York Sports Icons even includes a bonus chapter on a New York City playground legend who is regarded as the greatest basketball player to NEVER suit up in an NBA uniform.

Whether you’re from New York City, or just wish you were, be sure to enjoy the read and share this FREE sports comic book with friends.

And don’t ever fuh getta bout it!

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