NCAA March Madness: Getting Monkey Off Back

Getting Monkey off Back

Winning an NCAA national championship is an incredible accomplishment. Each year only one Division I school out of 347 can claim the prestigious title.

Many teams can perform brilliantly during the regular college basketball season. However, some fail to advance deeper into the field of this ultra competitive, single elimination tournament.

Highly recognized programs feel the burden of lofty expectations from fans who believe they should either win the NCAA championship or advance much deeper into the tournament’s field.

Players, teams and coaches who were eliminated prematurely the previous year return to the Big Dance fully purposed to play better the following season.

In doing so, they are given another chance to get the proverbial monkeys off their backs that their fans have unfairly put there.

For some coaches and schools that have historically excelled, but have never won an NCAA title, the proverbial monkey seems to shriek louder each year as pictured in the above comic.

However, these same coaches and schools need to ignore the irritating creature, play hard and enjoy their opportunity to compete for NCAA basketball’s most coveted prize. They need to be proud of the fact that their team has a spot in the annual Big Dance.

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