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Today’s #TBT sports blog recalls my FREE MIKE sports comic book Clever Sports Comics .

Just combine sports and laughter, and, boom! You’ve got a home run, a slam dunk, a hat trick, a perfect 10, a Gatorade victory bath and a touch down celebration all in one.

Clever Sports Comics book does just that for sports fans.

It’s designed to make you laugh about the funny, crazy and sometimes ridiculous ways we describe the athletes, coaches, plays, events and other elements we love about sports.

The 25 comics in Clever Sports Comics creatively capture the hyperbole and absurdity that oftentimes comprise our sports vocabulary.

These sports comics, along with brief corresponding stories, cover the entire gamut in sports. They bring to life commonly used sports clichés we often employ to describe a team, a play or a game.

Clever Sports Comics Features 25 of my Favorite Sports Comics

In this book, you’ll smile at a girl literally pitching a gem and the winning team carrying a metaphoric “W” on their shoulders as they run out the door of their opponent’s gym.

You’ll shake in your shoes if you’re intimidated, too, by rivals you think run like deer or those who wield lots of weapons.

You’ll sneer at the audacity of refs who swallow their whistles at key moments in a game. And, you’ll certainly mutter at the fickleness of supposed faithful fans as they head to the exits.

You’ll cheer on the successful soccer team as it turns the corner and the baseball manager who pleads his case before the presiding judge, or in this case, umpire.

You’ll chuckle at a pitcher getting shelled and wince at a skinny basketball player attempting to take the charge.

You’ll relish the ridiculousness of fans on their feet, an exasperated coach burning a time out and an errant golf ball that finds water.

You will probably grimace at the sophomoric humor of a smart foul, bad basketball bounces (duh!) and a girl with ice water in her veins.

Regardless of the sport, you’ll easily relate to coaches in the comics who remind players that in order to raise the bar, they’ll need to remember that there’s no “I” in team.

As a player, coach or fan you will immediately relate to most, if not all, of the illustrated sports clichés in this book.

Yes, we’ve all used these cliches whenever we’ve talked about sports.

The book is not a nail biter, so finishing it will be as easy as the make-able putt that shows up in the final chapter.

Clever Sports Comics is funny, and, better yet, it’s FREE. Enjoy.

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