MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: NFL Films’ Immaculate Reception

MIKE Comic 2 Immaculate ReceptionHere’s another excerpt from my FREE football comic book…

In 1978, NFL Films called it the greatest football play of all time.

Designed around a two-thousand-year-old miraculous Catholic belief known as the Immaculate Conception, football’s Immaculate Reception marks one of the sport’s most clever plays on words.

Pittsburgh sportscaster Myron Cope first used the clever term during a 1972 NFL Playoff Game. It described a last second pass between the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cope referred to Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie Franco Harris’ miraculous catch, or his reception of a deflected pass, in the game’s final possession as the Immaculate Reception.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans still talk about Franco Harris’ famed catch, insisting that divine intervention created the turning point for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise.

This famed reception borrowed from the Catholics did more than help win the historic playoff game. It paved the way for the Steelers to win five Super Bowl Championships. When it comes to miracles, the Immaculate Reception is one cliché all football fans can believe in.

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