NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is No Boy!

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NFL Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp is not a boy.

However, he’s certainly not a man either.

I think sports fans can all agree that big ol’ former 99 is a big baby, a spoiled child, a disgruntled brat, an opinionated lout and a washed up one time NFL star whose behavior has grown tiresome.

Earlier this week the big fella proved just how small minded he’s become.

NFL fans have always known that Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp has behaved like a bully.

However, football fans were flummoxed to find out just how petty the retired #99 has become. Sapp stiffed a waitress at a sports bar in St. Petersburg, FL and wrote on his receipt, “Boys don’t tip.”

The surly Sapp took issue to an upbeat waitress’ playful use of the word “boy” which, to itchy eared, highly irritable and easily offended black men with bolder sized chips on their shoulder like him who grew up in the South, can immediately trigger animosity and resentment.

Sapp senselessly and immaturely responded to the bantering by refusing to tip the server on a $69 bill and then engaged in a twitter altercation with ESPN’s Darren Rovell who broke the story.

However, Sapp’s been known for refusing to pay in the past; like child support for one of his out-of-wedlock children, or debts to a long line of creditors which led to his filing for bankruptcy in 2012 or respect to other NFL players.

Fans vividly recall the cheap shot he once unnecessarily administered on a blind side hit on Green Bay Packers’ OT Chad Clifton.

Plus, only a few months ago, the former NFL DT failed to pay any respect to NFL season sack record holder Michael Strahan.

Sapp uncorked the same boorish behavior when he bemoaned Michael Strahan’s consideration for the next Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot to be released on February 1, 2014.

Old #99 enjoys a fraction of his nemesis’ fame as an NFL Network analyst even though many viewers like me believe the big fella’s brusk on-camera babbling and high cackled laugh turn off fans.

Sapp should be grateful he’s employed because the bankrupt bloke obviously needs the money. The former Tampa Bay Buccanneer lineman filed bankruptcy last year after blowing an astounding $82,185,056 in career earnings.

His public bankruptcy auction included having to part with his coveted Super Bowl ring and a 213 pair Nike collection.

Knowing that Sapp’s off-field behavior and poor monetary decision making contributed to his squandering a personal fortune, it’s no surprise to witness his reckless rant and jealous jab at Strahan and, more recently, his stiffing a hard working waitress on a tip.

Sadly, the now broke big baby showed NFL fans just how small minded he’s become.

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