Former NFL DT Warren Sapp Slams ABC Morning Co-host Michael Strahan

Broke AthletesYesterday, the big fella proved just how small minded he’s become.

NFL fans have always known that Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp behaves like a bully.

However, football fans were flummoxed to find out just how petty the retired #99 has become. Sapp inexplicably rekindled a longtime personal feud with former NY Giants DE Michael Strahan.

Sapp senselessly slammed the ABC Live with Kelly and Michael  Co-host in the media. Sapp’s cheap shot reminded NFL fans how he once unnecessarily administered a needless, blind sided hit on Green Bay Packers’ OT Chad Clifton back in his playing days.

Sapp uncorked the same boorish behavior when he bemoaned Strahan’s consideration for the next Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot to be released on February 1, 2014. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer told Newsday that he doesn’t think Strahan is Hall of Fame worthy.

“When you stack it up,” Sapp said, “and he only has four straight Pro Bowls [actually three straight on two different occasions] and a mythical sack record that y’all still walk around like it’s something to be praised — I mean y’all have got to get off your high horse in New York and speak about the real. And when you really measure him up, he comes up short.”

Comes up short? Are you serious? Let’s replay some old NFL film.

Strahan enjoyed an impressive 15-year NFL career compared to Sapp’s 13 years in the league. Though each player won one Super Bowl and was voted All-Pro seven times, Strahan’s 429 career tackles easily bests Sapp’s 297.

Sapp’s apparent jealousy in attacking Strahan more than likely stems from two obvious reasons.

Firstly, Sapp still thinks Strahan’s 2002 sack record is questionable and believes former QB Brett Favre took a dive to afford Strahan the NFL season record.

Secondly, Strahan’s incredible media success following his retirement from the Giants irritates the surly Sapp. Old #99 enjoys a fraction of his nemesis’ fame as an NFL Network analyst even though many viewers like me believe the big fella’s brusk on-camera babbling and high cackled laugh turn off fans.

Sapp should be grateful he’s employed because the bankrupt bloke obviously needs the money. The former Tampa Bay Buccanneer lineman filed bankruptcy last year after blowing with an astounding $82,185,056 in career earnings.

Smooth, polished and articulate, Strahan has parlayed a good natured persona, warm smile and endearing, yet noticeable space between his front teeth into becoming a media darling.

Strahan stands a stark contrast to the gruff, boorish and mumbling Sapp. The ABC co-host shrewdly responded to Sapp’s petty remarks in this article.

“Football was part of my life, but it is not my entire life,” said the former New York Giants defensive end, who’s one of 15 finalists for Saturday’s Pro Football Hall of Fame election. “So for some guys, maybe that’s their entire life and that’s all they have to hold onto. Playing football, sacking quarterbacks, that was part of my life, and I did it and I moved on. The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of the sheep.”

Ouch! Calling Warren Sapp a sheep will only further fuel Sapp’s angst and envy. Expect the wounded Warren to bull rush Strahan again.

Knowing that Sapp’s off-field behavior and poor monetary decision making contributed to his squandering a personal fortune, it’s no surprise to witness his reckless rant and jealous jab at Strahan.

Sadly, the now broke big fella showed NFL fans during Super Bowl week just how small minded he’s become.

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