Finger Pointing & Tongue Wagging Dominating Sports News

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Taunting, finger pointing and tongue wagging have been dominating sports headlines lately.

Instead of focusing on their specific jobs, some well known sports personalities have directed their energy in non-productive ways.

When they should be comporting themselves as respected sports celebrities, they’ve acted as tawdry as the Kardashians and become as guttural as the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

For sports fans like me, their attitudes are tough to take. Their behavior has been foolish and not the least bit entertaining.

As a sportswriter myself, I desire actual sports action when tuning into a game or race. I don’t want to hear about or watch multimillionaire athletes, sportscasters and NASCAR teams behaving like 11-year-olds squabbling and squawking in the schoolyard.

I’ve had enough. The woofing we’ve witnessed within the past couple weeks has been both pathetic. For example:

We’ve watched the always irritable Kobe Bryant snipe and snarl at former teammate Dwight Howard. When Bryant should have been focusing on leading his salary-cap depleted team to its first victory this NBA season, he was childishly chastising a chiseled 6’11” specimen who could squash him like a grape in an instant.

We’ve laughed at the pit road ruckus at last week’s AAA Texas 500 involving the beer bellied race team members for Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski. Now, how funny would it have been to see several overweight grease monkeys chase each other around a NASCAR track and actually throw a punch or two.

We’ve witnessed ESPN’s talking heads Bill Simmons and Mike Golic brandish their bravado from the broadcast booth. Then, these two out-of-shape weenies preened like peacocks and cackled like cocksure combatants in a war of words on Twitter.

And, we’ve painfully put up with the needless bickering between the Cavs’ LeBron James and Kyrie Irving as well as the Bears’ Brandon Marshall and the litany of guys he regularly lashes out at in Chicago.

Come on, guys, grow up.

Can’t you see how petty and silly it is to stoop to such immaturity?

Maybe as fans we should forget the basketball court, football field, NASCAR track and broadcast booth and bring out the octagon, drag in the wrestling mats and set up the boxing rings.

Let these malcontents settle their differences “mano to mano” instead of taunting, barking and exercising vocal chords. It’s getting tiresome.

That way we can all return to turning on the tube or the radio to watch or listen to actual sports.

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